Freedom 35: A Lottery Winner’s Wishlist

So…you’ve won the lottery.  Congratulations! Now what?

This is something fun that my sisters and I do every now and then…usually after something major financial-wise happens in our lives like the need for a massive car repair, having landscaping done or a snowstorm hits and we wonder what the hell we are doing suffering through Canadian winters. We play “What would you do if you won the lottery?”

Lottery Win Winner Scrooge McDuck REtirement Financial Planning Style domination

Well here is my list of things I would do after I did all the necessary stuff like pay off our mortgage, set my family up for life and donate to my favourite charities (The Kidney Foundation of Canada, The Humane Society of Canada and The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada):

1.  I’d buy a Porsche – the fastest, reddest Porsche there is.

Porsche 918 Spyder Style Domination Lottery Winner
Porsche 918 Spyder

2.  I’d buy my husband his very own Batmobile.

Lamborghini Aventador Style Domination Style Domination Lottery Winner
Lamborghini Aventador

3.  I’d buy a cottage, and by “cottage”, I mean mansion in the forest.

Style Domination Lottery Winner Muskoka Cottage
Flaoting dream in the Muskokas (Pic courtesy of

4. I’d buy some understated pieces of jewelry – lol! “Understated”…

Style Domination Lottery Winner Dior Jewelry Elizabeth Taylor
La Liz knew her jewelry
Style Domination Lottery Winner Dior Jewelry Elizabeth Taylor
“Yes – I’ll take all of the jewelry, please.  Thank you.”  Dear Dior Ring, fire opals, diamonds, emeralds and fabulousness, Dior Fine Jewelry
Style Domination Lottery Winner Dior Jewelry Elizabeth Taylor
The Taylor-Burton Diamond. All men should take gift-giving lessons from Richard Burton…sigh.
Style Domination Lottery Winner Dior Jewelry Elizabeth Taylor
I’m sure the flower had diamonds in it. Richard and Elizabeth during their courtship.

5.  I’d travel!

Style Domination Lottery Winner Thailand Beach
Thailand – my number one destination!
Style Domination Lottery Winner Thailand Beach
Thai beach…yes please!
Pic courtesy of
Barcelona…fabulous (Pic courtesy of
Style Domination Lottery Winner Tokyo
Tokyo! (Pic courtesy of
Kasbah_Ruins_Ait_Benhaddou_Morocco Style Domination Lottery Winner Tokyo
Kasbah Ruins Ait Benhaddou, Morocco

6.  I’d travel in style…

Joan Collins Louis Vuitton Luggage Style Domination Lottery Winner
Credit: Photo by DENNIS STONE / Rex Features

7.  I’d become “bi-coastal”:

Style Domination Lottery Winner Malibu Beach House infinity pool
My “little Malibu pied-à-terre” with infinity pool

8.  I’d adopt a puppy:

Style Domination Lottery Winner Border Collies
“Only Border Collies need apply.”

9. I’d build the closet to end all closets.  Sit down, Mariah!

Style Domination Lottery Winner Dream walk-in closets Dior Show Room

Style Domination Lottery Winner Dream walk-in closets Dior Show Room

Style Domination Lottery Winner Dream walk-in closets Dior Show Room

10. And lastly, my dream item on my dream wishlist…a Steinway grand piano.  Le sigggghhhhhh….

Style Domination Lottery Winner Dream Steinway Grand Piano
Hello, lover….

What totally frivolous fun things would you treat yourself too? Let me know in the comments – I love this stuff!


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24 thoughts on “Freedom 35: A Lottery Winner’s Wishlist”

  1. This was a fun post! Of course I would pay of my bills and student loans first and then I would set up a trust fund for my younger disabled brother. Then of course it would be wise to invest it and put some away in savings and such. I would buy myself a new car but nothing sporty. I would try to live normal though and then not worry about money for the rest of my life. I would just build a nice ranch style home all one floor. I’m more of a simple girl I guess lol. 🙂

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      1. Lol! Well there’s nothing wrong with a splurge here and there. It’s fun to think about the things you would do with that kind of money. 🙂 xo

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  2. I totally do this with my fiancé!! So of course we’d pay off bills & buy houses for ourselves and our parents.. I would build my dream closet in my dream sewing studio. But probably the most outrageous thing I would do is spend a good 50-100k on Chanel and Hermes handbags!! And then buy fabric. By the ton. And start my own clothing line!

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  3. My sister and I also do the same. It’s funny that we almost did it pretty much the same! 😀 Anyways, aside from paying off my bills, buying my mom a mansion, buying myself a mansion but first i’ll buy Amanpulo (by all means!) and built my house there. Donate to charity ( I have a soft spot for the elders who were abandoned) and to shelter dogs. And oh, have my own Chanel closet.
    Oh dreams! They all look so lovely! 😀

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  4. What a fun post and game to play with your siblings! Totally inspired me to do the exact same post on my blog. My absolute favorite on your wish list would be the ideal dream closet as I would most definitely do the exact same thing and instead of diamonds I would buy myself countless pairs of high heels – some of the most bad ass pairs any fashionista would commit murder for ha-ha. Thanks for sharing this awesome post with all of us lovely!


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  5. Like you I would handle business first – payoff bills and put a substantial amount away in savings Then I would buy a house large enough to move my Mom in with us. Go to Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Take at least a 2-4 wk vacation – Turks and Caicos, Hawaii, Fiji. Open my own fashion and accessory boutique.


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