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How To Beat Dull, Dry Skin – My Favourite Moisturizing Products!

Hi all!

I was featured on CTV Morning Live yesterday talking about my favourite products for beating dry, dull skin during these chilly fall and winter months. What a thrill – a totally great experience! For those interested in seeing the CTV segment, click on the link –>

What are your favourite products for keeping your skin hydrated during the winter? Please, please, please let me know in the comments!


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37 thoughts on “How To Beat Dull, Dry Skin – My Favourite Moisturizing Products!”

  1. Awesome Dominique! I watched the clip – you were wonderful providing such great info!
    I actually use Cetaphil and Olay moisturizer – so I guess I’m doing good so far…also, I use a brown sugar body scrub to exfoliate my body and St. Ives oatmeal scrub & mask for my face and a Retinol-based cream at night…it’s always a good idea to keep your skin in good condition…thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Linda – sounds like your skin care regime is pretty on point! You’ll be looking fabulous forever! I was using Fresh Brown Sugar Body Scrub for years, but it’s so expensive. I’m so happy I found Skinnamon! Everybody raves about that St. Ives facial scrub…I should check it out! Thanks for reading and for your kind compliment!

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  2. This is so awesome! Congratulations! Great information AND now a zillion more people are going to view your blog too!

    The timing was PERFECT. Literally this morning I was saying “My skin is SO DRY”. I’m going to try that avocado oil for my neck and decollate- which looks crepe already 😦 I”m too young for that/isn’t that supposed to happen at 60??!!!

    On a side note- your sweater is FAB. Rag and Bone?

    I wish I could pick your brain on how to do this blog thing. I’ve been up three months- only four followers hahaha. I’m not offended in the least since I’m really doing it just for fun because i love to write. But it would be cool to get a side job writing an article here or there….any tips for a newbie?

    I love your blog btw. There are a lot of fish in this blog sea but not so many well written. I’m grateful I happened upon yours!


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    1. Hey Jill! Email me at I will send you some tips! Your blog is great – just keep at it. It’s laid out well, and the content is on point. Don’t get discouraged!

      Thanks for the kind words! Yes – start moisturizing your neck and decolleté every day! And wear your sunscreen and most depressing of all, try to minimize the exposure to sun. As for that sweater, it’s from none other than J.Crew! Haha! I got it half-price for about $60 CAD. So yeah, I will keep my eyes peeled for your email! xo


  3. For me a combination of Nivea body cream and Johnsons baby oil works wonders for my skin. The Nivea body cream keeps my skin moisturised while the baby oil locks the moisture in and gives my skin a lovely glow instead of looking dull and flaky.

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  4. Hey Dom,
    You rocked that segment! So pro, calm, cool and excellent presentation of products! Wish you weren’t so rushed! Been there, done that for many years where they just tell you to hurry and finish up….. And where you’re feeling like you just started the conversation! So proud of you!


  5. Also, excited to hear the staples of Olay et famille are still kicking strong in this market,,,thanks for sharing awesome products! I have now discovered Jurlique Rose Water face oil/ toner/ refresher! Fabulous product to moisten and moisturize, then I add my moisturizer cream on top to lock all in during this cold and dry weather,


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