#FeatureFriday: Karla Santos-Pedro, demitart Makeup Instruction

Like most red-blooded women, I love makeup. Like, I LOVE MAKEUP. Lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners in every colour of the rainbow, blush – you name it. If it is colourful and I can apply it to my face, it’s good in my book.

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Five Fashion Rules For You To Follow In 2016

The lovely Amy Mia Goldmith will be guest blogging today providing some great advice on how to make better style choices this year, thus leading to a killer wardrobe. Thank you, Amy!

January is the perfect time of the year to make fashion resolutions, if you have not done this already. Although, we are yet to wait and see which new trends will emerge in 2016 and which old will fade away. But we are not talking about more shopping here. It is more about reevaluating the wardrobe choices you made in the previous year in order to make smarter choices this year. Here is a list of ways you can improve your personal style in 2016 and make lasting changes for the better. Continue reading Five Fashion Rules For You To Follow In 2016

The Best Accessory Trends For Spring 2016

I’ll admit it.  I’m not the best accessorizer. I like to keep things simple, so you’ll rarely see me donning a giant logo-covered bag, statement jewelry of any sort (I do love a huge cocktail ring though), crazy body chains that look like something out of a dominatrix’s chest of goodies, huge belts, etc. I gravitate towards delicate gold jewelry, pearls and diamonds (of course). When I go shopping, I can usually spot a pair of gold studs from a mile away amidst a ton of in-your-face cocktail jewelry. Continue reading The Best Accessory Trends For Spring 2016

The Beauty of Being A Beauty Blogger

As Style Domination trucks along, I am always thrilled and amazed when I get nominated for awards by my fellow bloggers.  I can’t thank you enough! Making me blush over here!

I was nominated for the Beauty Blogger Award by the lovely Leanne of http://www.allaboutleanne.com. A huge thank you to her for her recognition of Style Domination! Continue reading The Beauty of Being A Beauty Blogger

#FeatureFriday: A Peek Inside Hawita Love’s Makeup Bag

For my second instalment of #FeatureFriday, I’ll be shining the spotlight on Hawa. A Guinean-born, Ottawa-based lifestyle blogger, Hawa is known for A) her stunning beauty, B) killer sense of style and C) friendly, sweet personality. A real triple threat! Continue reading #FeatureFriday: A Peek Inside Hawita Love’s Makeup Bag

One To Watch: Naíra Fragoso da Costa, Owner of The Exclusives PR

Ottawa, the beautiful city I call home, has a reputation for being a little stuffy and conservative but thankfully, that reputation is changing slowly but surely.

Our fashion scene is growing steadily with the opening of such stores as Nordstrom and Stuart Weitzman, and amazing independent boutique options such as Wunderkammer, Viens Avec Moi Boutique and Twiss & Weber. Continue reading One To Watch: Naíra Fragoso da Costa, Owner of The Exclusives PR

Winter Wonderland Style

Ahhh January…a month full of snow and cold, marking winter’s halfway point. I don’t care for the cold, and if it weren’t for Ottawa being a lovely city, I probably would have made the move to much warmer climes by now.

The winters where I live are cold, harsh and LONG, making it very conducive to hibernating in your warm house snuggled up with a mug of hot chocolate.  It’s also conducive to cabin fever. Around this time of year, I am desperate for winter to be over, to take walks outside under the spring sun, catch glimpses of daffodils and tulips poking their heads through the cold ground and simply anticipating the wonderful summer months. Continue reading Winter Wonderland Style

My Best 2015 Fashion Finds

2015 was the year for me to take stock of my wardrobe with a coldhearted, take-no-prisoners approach. Whatever didn’t “spark joy” in me, I quickly unhung, folded up and marched straight to Goodwill.

I no longer have any worn out duds, too-big clothing, too-small clothing, stained clothing, broken accessories, stuff that was cool ten years ago, etc., thus paving the way to more stress-free mornings without worrying about wading through a closet of ho-hum clothing.  Continue reading My Best 2015 Fashion Finds

#FeatureFriday: Coralie’s Closet Shares Her All-Star Makeup Team

One of the things I love most about blogging is meeting other like-minded bloggers. Over the past year, I’ve been lucky to meet and learn from some of the most stylish, smart and interesting bloggers that seem a little hidden away in our somewhat stuffy, conservative city. While at home brainstorming ideas for future blog posts, I thought it would be a great idea to feature some of my favourite bloggers on Style Domination. #FeatureFriday was soon born! Continue reading #FeatureFriday: Coralie’s Closet Shares Her All-Star Makeup Team

Beauty Spotlight: This Product Changed My Blush Game

So, I’m a little late to the game. Used to my tried and true powder formulation blushes, I had no desire to use anything else until a couple of months ago when a makeup artist “showed me the light” and introduced me to Benefit Benetint. Continue reading Beauty Spotlight: This Product Changed My Blush Game