Socially Conscious, Sustainable Luxury: Une écharpe - une vie |

Socially Conscious, Sustainable Luxury: Une écharpe – une vie

Socially Conscious, Sustainable Luxury: Une écharpe - une vie |

Scarf: Une écharpe – une vie | Hat: Rag & Bone in black | Denim Shirt: J.Crew (similar) | Skinnies: Topshop | Shoes: Converse (similar)| Choker: Aldo (similar)

I love myself a great scarf. They just add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to any outfit. I wear them all year round – from keeping myself warm from the winter chill to looking breezy cool on a summer night while sipping cocktails on a patio.

Right now in particular, scarves are enjoying their moment in the spotlight. Beautiful, cozy blanket scarves abound, looking effortlessly chic paired with cute dresses, moto jackets, boyfriend jeans, you name it. What’s great about scarves is that they are always cool. You can always use one to make you warmer, make you feel stylish, and the best part? Wrapping yourself in a cozy scarf is like getting a warm hug.

Socially Conscious, Sustainable Luxury: Une écharpe - une vie |

Now that the weather is warming up (finally!), I’m reaching for lightweight scarves in great summery colours to elevate my outfits. That’s where my favourite scarf comes in – my Indigo Collection Scarf from Une écharpe – une vie.

What makes my gorgeous Une écharpe – une vie scarf so great? The story behind the company. On top of making the most beautifully intricate scarves I’ve ever seen, they support a wonderful cause – sustainable and socially conscious fashion. Side note: when I received my scarf, I was struck at the vivid colour and incredibly intricate design! I honestly gasped when I opened the beautifully wrapped package. In addition, it smelled AMAZING in a familiar way.  Each scarf is prewashed using The Laundress detergent – a detergent that I have been ordering for years now to handwash my wool and cashmere sweaters.

Une écharpe – une vie (“One scarf – one life”) is a socially conscious company which melds style, luxury and socially conscious fashion beautifully. Founders, best friends and gorgeous style makers Christine Tiffany “Tiff” Cool (remind me to change my last name to “Cool”) and Rajni Singh Carney met in Switzerland while Rajni was a student at Les Roches International School of Management and Tiff was a humanitarian disaster and emergency communications specialist working with the United Nations. Their New York- based company was born out of the idea that fashion can indeed be a catalyst for positive social change. Their fast-growing luxury scarf brand benefits those most in need. The company motto “Stay warm. Give back.” is a testament to their forward thinking drive for social change.


World Map
Tribaluxe scarves are created by female weavers in Southeast Asia. Tiff and Raj hosted their first pop-up shop at The Laundress in Soho, NYC recently
Socially Conscious, Sustainable Luxury: Une écharpe - une vie |
Tiff and Raj at their pop-up shop at  The Laundress (gorgeous store – take it from me) in Soho

Now – many people equate sustainable fashion with granola cruncher chic, but there is no reason to sacrifice luxury, on-point style and feeling great in your clothing in order to buy with purpose.  Une écharpe – une vie offers handcrafted, hand-loom woven scarves made from wonderfully luxurious cotton blends with the most drop-dead gorgeous intricate designs. Tiff and Rajni refer to their scarves as “tribalux” as they are luxury scarves with a tribal origin. Women who weave these scarves have dedicated weeks of their lives to create each unique piece. In addition, each design is unique to the tribe or village the weaver is from and the original design only exists in her mind. This is what is so great about these scarves. Weavers create each scarf from memory…a truly wearable work of art.

Socially Conscious, Sustainable Luxury: Une écharpe - une vie |
Yeahhhh – I haven’t taken this scarf off since I got it. Too good!!

Sunnies:| Bracelets: Alex & Ani, Kate Spade

Head on over to Une écharpe – une vie’s site and take a look at the beautiful designs. Each purchase keeps this centuries-old tradition alive and empowers the women making the scarves by providing a living wage and pride and dignity in their works of art.

So, treat yourself to a tribalux scarf and feel good knowing that you are supporting a cause that encourages what we are supposed to do here on Earth – protect it and its inhabitants and ensuring its future well-being. Use promo code SPRING2016 to receive 20% all scarves! SCORE!

Check out Une écharpe – une vie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and online at

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  1. That scarf is GORGEOUS! I’ve been rocking a large flowy scarf this Spring and have been wanting more for variety. I’ll check them out – I like the philosophy behind the brand too – the one you’re sporting is particularly covet-worthy!

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