Glitz and Glamour: The 2016 Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards


Karolina? Are you done with this Marchesa?

I’m SO THRILLED and EXCITED to be heading to the 2016 Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards! Finally – my chance to wear something gala-worthy as arrived!

Taking place Saturday, June 11, 2016 at the National Arts Centre, little ol’ me and my gorgeous hubby will be rubbing elbows with Canada’s art elite. Continue reading Glitz and Glamour: The 2016 Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards

Dressing Up The Work Wardrobe With Skirts

Consisting of the “work horses” of your closet (pants, blazers and the like), the work wardrobe can get a little boring. How can you breathe a little life into your work attire while still being comfortable during the summer heat? Add some beautiful and classic skirts! Continue reading Dressing Up The Work Wardrobe With Skirts

In Bloom In The City

“Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Andersen

Top: Garage (similar here and here) | Skirt: RomWe | Shoes: Zara | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Bangles: Kate Spade | Crossbody Bag: Céline | Sunglasses: Aldo (similar here) Continue reading In Bloom In The City

#FeatureFriday: Rebecca Noelle, Singer/Songwriter

#FeatureFriday: Rebecca Noelle, Singer/Songwriter |

It’s 11am on a sunny yet chilly Friday morning at a local Westboro coffee shop. A stunning figure cuts through the yummy mummies lined up at the cash register. Dressed in a rich-looking velvet blazer and brightly patterned dress, Rebecca Noelle rushes up to my table. Continue reading #FeatureFriday: Rebecca Noelle, Singer/Songwriter

Grand Opening Celebration For Ted Baker London

Grand Opening Celebration For Ted Baker London |
“One is never overdressed or underdressed in a Little Ted Baker Dress.” – Dominique 

Grand Opening Celebration For Ted Baker London |

Have you ever found a clothing brand that seemed like it was made for you? I have. It’s Ted Baker.

I remember my first trip to Vegas a few years ago, my good friend Jen and I shopping happily at Caesar’s Palace. Ted Baker London came into view and Jen stopped and asked if I had ever bought anything there. I admitted to her that I had never even heard of it. She grabbed me by the hand and ushered me through the threshold of this flowery, whimsical wonderland and I was sold.  Thanks, Jen! Continue reading Grand Opening Celebration For Ted Baker London

Summer Skincare Essentials

Summer Skincare Essentials |

Summer is fast approaching and it is only natural that you will want to look your best in the warm weather. To help achieve glowing healthy skin, here are some recommendations on the best skin care essentials which will not only protect your skin again UV rays but also ensure you look your best on the beach this summer! Continue reading Summer Skincare Essentials

Mulligans Golf Bar: A Hole In One!

Mulligans Golf Bar: A Hole In One! |

As a little kid, weekend mornings in my household were reserved for cartoons and sports. My Dad, an avid golfer, would settle into his arm chair, wrestle the remote away from us and switch the channel from Jem and The Holograms (I’m really dating myself) to whatever golf tournament was on. Continue reading Mulligans Golf Bar: A Hole In One!

Summer Style Gems – SheIn Wishlist

Summer Style Gems - SheIn Wishlist |

My gorgeous and unique off-the-shoulder top that I received from SheIn has been a complete hit! I’m so thrilled with it, and apparently so are all of you. Thanks for all of the love!

This weekend is a gorgeous one – nothing but sunshine and warmth (which is totally my jam). I packed away a bunch of winter clothing and took stock of things I “need” for summer to round out my “Summer Style Look”. Continue reading Summer Style Gems – SheIn Wishlist

#StandTogether Against Bullying!

#StandTogether Against Bullying! |

I think we have all been bullied or been affected by bullying at some point in our lives and it sucks. I remember as a teenager being bullied over the course of my grade 12 year and it left me feeling alone, anxious and downright scared at times. Each child deserves the chance to grow and flourish, despite their perceived differences. Continue reading #StandTogether Against Bullying!

Cool, Unique Brands Worth Checking Out

Cool, Unique Brands Worth Checking Out |

I’ll admit that lately, my shopping adventures have left me feeling a little uninspired. While there are a lot of great trends out there for this spring/summer season, I’m finding a lot of the major brands you’ll find in your local mall are offering options that are really watered down versions of what you’d see in magazines. Also, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect crossbody bag and my visits to the top accessories stores you find everywhere have been pretty boring, generic…and well, EVERYWHERE. So, I hit the internet and grabbed a stack of my favourite magazines and started researching cool and upcoming brands.  Continue reading Cool, Unique Brands Worth Checking Out