Award Tour!!

Hi all!

I want to thank every single blogger who has nominated me for an award!  I am truly flattered.  Not to toot my own horn, but there are so many awards that I have been nominated for and tag posts to complete, that I’ve had a hard time keeping up. I feel the best way to share my answers with everyone is to do two or three combined posts over the next week or so to cover all of these great awards and tags!

First up, The Real Neat Blog Award!  A huge thank you to fivezero for nominating me! Continue reading Award Tour!!

Style Domination is on Instagram!

Hi all!

Please feel free to check out my instagram account at @styledomination! I am totally obsessed with instagram and my account is devoted to beauty, fashion, my travels and more!

Stop by for a glimpse into my life and feel free to follow along!

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Style Domination Goes to London, Part 2

I LOVE LONDON.  It’s just amazing.  This city, steeped in history, has such an amazing energy, such a cool vibe…I feel it was blessed with way more coolness than any other place on Earth.  Every time I visit, I do not want to leave.  I want to be one of those British cool girls, walking down Regent Street like it’s a runway.  I want to spend my days touring Westminster Abbey, exploring the British Museum, shopping at Selfridge’s and discovering amazing restaurants. Continue reading Style Domination Goes to London, Part 2

Style Domination Goes to London, Part 1

Hi all!

I’m super excited!  I will be heading to London soon to visit my dear friend Jen.  I wish so much that she lived closer, but hopping on a plane to visit her in one of my favourite cities in the world ain’t so bad!

I love everything about London.  The sites, the history, the architecture, Princess Kate, London’s amazing energy…it can do wrong in my eyes. Continue reading Style Domination Goes to London, Part 1

Style Domination Goes to Rome

My first trip to Italy in 2013 changed my life.  This trip made me realize that there is more to life than work, the rat race, working out and consuming.  The Italians really know how to relax and enjoy the finer things in life such as quality food, beautiful wines and art and architecture.  A trip to Italy has always been #1 on my bucket list.  I’ll never forget how my husband broke the news that we would be heading to Italy for our ninth wedding anniversary.  He took me to one of our favourite Italian restaurants and before we started on a couple glasses of fine red wine, he presented me with a small present.  When I opened it, it was a tour guide of Rome.  I cried.  He’s the best – a true romantic…and great at surprises! Continue reading Style Domination Goes to Rome

Style Domination’s Guide to Peru

As a little kid, I had major wanderlust which I attribute to a book my mother bought me of the seven wonders of the world. I pored over this book constantly and quickly put each of them on my “little kid bucket list”. Continue reading Style Domination’s Guide to Peru

How to Take a Great Photo…for Beginners (like me)

I love taking quick shots of well, anything.  My friends know that I’m pretty much obsessed with selfies and snapping pics of anything that interests me.   Continue reading How to Take a Great Photo…for Beginners (like me)

Style Domination’s Guide to Paris

A trip to the City of Lights has been on my bucket list since Day 1. The city’s appeal is so overwhelming: fine French food, beautiful wines, gorgeous architecture and a population dripping with je ne sais quoi. Continue reading Style Domination’s Guide to Paris