Dominique Style Domination Disclosure Disclaimer

If I am reviewing or using a product that was sent to me free of charge from a company or brand, this fact will be disclosed clearly within my blog post.

Reviews on any products sent to me can take up to one month to be posted, as I like to test products for this amount of time to ensure an authentic and reliable review.

I will never post a negative review on a product as I recognize that not all products work for everyone.  What doesn’t work for me, may be excellent for someone else, and I do not want to dissuade any readers from potentially discovering a great product. I will however, post why it did not work for me which is completely fair.

Please note that from time to time, I use affiliate links within my blog posts.  If a reader clicks on the affiliate link or thumbnail and makes a purchase, I will receive a small monetary percentage of the purchase made.  This will be clearly disclosed within the blog post.

Please note that all opinions expressed on http://www.styledomination.com are my own.  All photos displayed have been taken by myself unless stated otherwise.

I welcome any questions you may have about my disclosure or blog in general. Please feel free to contact me via email at styledomination@gmail.com with your questions.

A million thanks for reading and following Style Domination!  I greatly appreciate it!






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