Five Fashion Rules For You To Follow In 2016

The lovely Amy Mia Goldmith will be guest blogging today providing some great advice on how to make better style choices this year, thus leading to a killer wardrobe. Thank you, Amy!

January is the perfect time of the year to make fashion resolutions, if you have not done this already. Although, we are yet to wait and see which new trends will emerge in 2016 and which old will fade away. But we are not talking about more shopping here. It is more about reevaluating the wardrobe choices you made in the previous year in order to make smarter choices this year. Here is a list of ways you can improve your personal style in 2016 and make lasting changes for the better. Continue reading Five Fashion Rules For You To Follow In 2016

5 Secrets for Gorgeous Skin

Happy Monday morning all!

I’m pleased to have Amy Goldsmith, a literature graduate from Melbourne, guest post on my blog today. Amy loves to write short stories and reviews, as is a regular contributor at High Style Life. Her passion is beauty and makeup and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course – makeup shopping! Continue reading 5 Secrets for Gorgeous Skin