Glitz and Glamour: The 2016 Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards


Karolina? Are you done with this Marchesa?

I’m SO THRILLED and EXCITED to be heading to the 2016 Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards! Finally – my chance to wear something gala-worthy as arrived!

Taking place Saturday, June 11, 2016 at the National Arts Centre, little ol’ me and my gorgeous hubby will be rubbing elbows with Canada’s art elite. Continue reading Glitz and Glamour: The 2016 Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards

#ScaryStories Halloween Series – Part 1: The Paparazzo

With Halloween almost upon us, I thought it would be chillingly fun to share some of my favourite horror stories with you until the big day.

Halloween is possibly my favourite time of year. I can’t get enough of horror movies, Halloween candies, fun costumes, and of course, being scared.

Now, grab a blanket to cover your eyes while reading this series…have fun!


Dear Reader,

I bet you didn’t know this, but a piece of your soul is captured every time your image is trapped in a photograph. It is generally a small amount of your soul per photo, but a piece of it nonetheless.

Do you ever wonder why celebrities seem so different compared to regular people? Do you ever wonder why many struggle to keep relationships and most cannot relate to the general public? You rationalize it due to the fact that they are rich and famous, but that isn’t true. It’s because they’ve had their photos taken thousands of times. Their souls are slowly disappearing with each flash of the camera.  Emotions fade with the disappearing soul. That is why so many celebrities fall prey to sex addictions, drugs, alcohol, cult-ish religions, or violence…all in a laughable attempt to feel something again. Unfortunately, the damage is already done and irreparable.

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Dying without a soul is a true death. With nothing waiting for them on the other side, their soul is now trapped in the ether between the Living and the After Life.

So now, the point of this letter. I remember standing at Hell’s Gate, preparing myself to spend eternity there. At the last minute, I was offered the option to avoid Hell altogether with one condition – I had to return to the Living as a new man and find a way to further expand the crowd of lost souls in the After Life. I think I am succeeding.


Anonymous Paparazzo (a.k.a The Reaper)

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*Original story adapted for my blog. Source: unknown.