Beauty Spotlight: TRESemmé BEAUTY-FULL Volume

If you’ve been keeping up with my YouTube channel, you will already know that the products you use play a huge role in the health and overall look of your tresses.

With my hair journey, I’ve discovered a lot of great products (and not so great ones) that have really help me achieve great hair health and length. With the incorporation of more natural oils and good quality deep conditioners, my hair has gone from dry and damaged to thick, shiny and healthy. Continue reading Beauty Spotlight: TRESemmé BEAUTY-FULL Volume

To Go Grey or Not To Go Grey…That is the Question

It seems that every morning as I look at my hair in the mirror, a new crop of grey hairs have taken up residency on my head. Sigh. The joys of aging. I think a lot about colouring my hair to cover them up, but I also think about embracing my “arctic highlights” and possibly just letting them take over. If I did, I’d be “so hot right now” since apparently, grey is very in. Continue reading To Go Grey or Not To Go Grey…That is the Question