#FeatureFriday: Rebecca Noelle, Singer/Songwriter

#FeatureFriday: Rebecca Noelle, Singer/Songwriter | www.styledomination.com

It’s 11am on a sunny yet chilly Friday morning at a local Westboro coffee shop. A stunning figure cuts through the yummy mummies lined up at the cash register. Dressed in a rich-looking velvet blazer and brightly patterned dress, Rebecca Noelle rushes up to my table. Continue reading #FeatureFriday: Rebecca Noelle, Singer/Songwriter

#FeatureFriday: Julianne Buchholz, Haute Couture Fashion Designer

I love haute couture. It’s fashion at its finest…true art. From Alexander McQueen to Dior, haute couture has proven to be an art form so beautiful and unique, that I often look at these creations in wonder while marvelling “How did they do that?” and “I’ve never seen fabric so beautiful!”

Beautiful haute couture designs by Iris van Herpen, a favourite of Lady Gaga’s

Continue reading #FeatureFriday: Julianne Buchholz, Haute Couture Fashion Designer

The Beauty of Being A Beauty Blogger

As Style Domination trucks along, I am always thrilled and amazed when I get nominated for awards by my fellow bloggers.  I can’t thank you enough! Making me blush over here!

I was nominated for the Beauty Blogger Award by the lovely Leanne of http://www.allaboutleanne.com. A huge thank you to her for her recognition of Style Domination! Continue reading The Beauty of Being A Beauty Blogger

One To Watch: Naíra Fragoso da Costa, Owner of The Exclusives PR

Ottawa, the beautiful city I call home, has a reputation for being a little stuffy and conservative but thankfully, that reputation is changing slowly but surely.

Our fashion scene is growing steadily with the opening of such stores as Nordstrom and Stuart Weitzman, and amazing independent boutique options such as Wunderkammer, Viens Avec Moi Boutique and Twiss & Weber. Continue reading One To Watch: Naíra Fragoso da Costa, Owner of The Exclusives PR

An Interview with a Fashion Idol of Mine: Harper’s Bazaar’s Chrissy Rutherford

Chrissy Rutherford Harper's Bazaar Digital Editor Style Domination Fashion Blogger

I love following fashionistas that I admire who look a little like me.  This thinking stems from years of growing up where the beauty ideal was uber-gorgeous blondes that dominated the runways and fashion magazines during the 90s.  While I loved the original Supermodels, I couldn’t really relate to any of them (except for Naomi Campbell). I remember even as a teenager being frustrated when women like Claudia Schiffer and Stephanie Seymour would be interviewed, divulging their makeup secrets and favourite red lipsticks and nothing they suggested ever suited me. Case in point, gorgeous blonde model Daniela Pestova being interviewed and stating that her favourite red lipstick of all time was Max Factor’s “Drumbeat Red”.  At the time of the interview, I was a 16-yr-old, makeup-obsessed nerd who ran out to buy that too-orangey lipstick that ate up half of my allowance. My thinking was: “If it looks great on her, it’ll look good on me, right?”  WRONG. Sigh. Continue reading An Interview with a Fashion Idol of Mine: Harper’s Bazaar’s Chrissy Rutherford

Sassique Interview – Learn About Style Domination

I was just invited to join Sassique – an international community of fashion enthusiasts who collect and share style inspiration from around the web, think Pinterest meets Polyvore.  Sassique is a pretty interesting platforms as they also do trend forecasting, market research, street style photography, and design competitions.

With your profile set-up, you are encouraged to complete their interview which was great!  I thought I’d share my answers with all of you.  Read on! Continue reading Sassique Interview – Learn About Style Domination

Youtube Q&A with Style Domination – Your Questions Answered!

Hi all!

A while ago I asked you all to submit questions for my latest Youtube video – Ask Me Anything Tag! I finally got around to posting my answers.  A huge thank you to The Pink Impact, Katie of Plus+ Beauty, Janine of A Beautiful Whim, Giggling Puppy and everyone else who was kind enough to submit questions!

Go ahead and watch the video for all the answers!  Don’t forget to subscribe!


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