A Day at Smudge Beauty Bar

A Day at Smudge Beauty Bar

Inspired by our latest photoshoots together, my friend Emilie and I decided to switch it up from outdoor locations and take things inside. Emilie, with her keen eye for fashion and architecture suggested Smudge Beauty Bar, a relatively new spa which opened in Ottawa last year on Dalhousie Street…home to many an up and coming boutique. Continue reading A Day at Smudge Beauty Bar

#TRENDING: My Favourite Fall Nail Colours (Hint – The Darker, The Better)

After a summer of non-stop corals, fuchsias, pale pinks and summery blues, I am ready for my beloved dark nail polishes. Since Chanel debuted their fabulous (and my most favourite) Vamp colour back in 1994, dark, moody nails have become commonplace in any fashionista’s nail polish arsenal. Continue reading #TRENDING: My Favourite Fall Nail Colours (Hint – The Darker, The Better)

SD Beauty Review: Chanel Le Vernis Vert Obscur Nail Polish

With the arrival of fall comes the arrival of dark, moody nail polishes – my favourite.  Personally, I wear vampy shades all year round because I love the look.

Now, I have a severe nail polish addiction.  With a collection at about 250+ bottles strong, I have started buying my nail polishes a little more carefully, as I believe I pretty much own every single colour under the sun. Continue reading SD Beauty Review: Chanel Le Vernis Vert Obscur Nail Polish

10 Things You Should Know About Pedicures

I love myself a good pedicure at a calm, beautiful spa.  There is nothing like slipping your tired, beaten feet into a scented tub of warm water followed by a heavenly foot massage.  Top that off with having someone else paint your toenails so you don’t have to contort yourself into a pretzel to do so yourself…I’m in 7th heaven!

Jimmy Choo Sandals Street Style Paris Fashion Week Style Domination Fashion Blogger STyle Blog
Sandal Ready!

Not all spas are clean and peaceful havens. Here in Canada, spas and salons are not closely regulated, therefore leaving precautions to be taken by the patrons themselves.  Many of the spas I’ve frequented are very clean and take sterilization seriously, but we all know that not all spas are created equal. Continue reading 10 Things You Should Know About Pedicures

Award Tour!!

Hi all!

I want to thank every single blogger who has nominated me for an award!  I am truly flattered.  Not to toot my own horn, but there are so many awards that I have been nominated for and tag posts to complete, that I’ve had a hard time keeping up. I feel the best way to share my answers with everyone is to do two or three combined posts over the next week or so to cover all of these great awards and tags!

First up, The Real Neat Blog Award!  A huge thank you to fivezero for nominating me! Continue reading Award Tour!!

Style Domination Tutorial: The Half-Moon Manicure

I always loved the look of the half-moon manicure (a favourite of Dita Von Teese) but was stumped on how to actually create the look.  Thanks to the wonderfulness of Youtube, I’m going to share with you how it’s done…but first, a little history lesson. Continue reading Style Domination Tutorial: The Half-Moon Manicure

SD Beauty Review: Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polish in Queens Gardens

Gel polishes are taking over – and rightfully so.  I’m sure we are all sick of manicures only lasting a day or two before they start to chip.

I remember the first time I got a shellac manicure,  I was stunned at its longevity!  It lasted 10 days without chipping and probably would have kept going if my nails didn’t grow so fast (I hate that “grown out” look and rushed back to the nail bar to get a fresh polish).  Shellac manicures are fantastic thanks to their longevity, but the removal process is annoying and unhealthy.  Who wants to soak their hands in acetone to get the shellac off, especially when it smells like paint thinner?

Anyways, several brands such as Sally Hansen and Revlon have come out with their own lines of no-UV light gel polishes claiming to have the same staying power as shellac.  I was curious about these polishes, so during my last couple trips to Sephora, I snagged two bottles of Nails Inc. Gel Polish.

Nails Inc. claims to mimic gel formulas due to their “plasticizer technology”.  This promises a thick, even, self-levelling finish and a huge amount of shine. What’s nice about this line is that it does not require a special top coat like Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, but it is suggested that the Kensington Caviar Base and top coat be applied to maximize staying power and shine.  I didn’t bother getting either.  By the way, I feel that the Nails Inc. range has some of the most beautiful, “pop-iest” colours out there!  Be sure to check out Judo Red too.  WOW!

WNails Inc. Gel Effect Polish Covent Garden Place Style Dominqiue
Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polish in Judo Red

I picked up the Nails Inc. x Victoria Beckham gel polish in Bamboo White (shown below in matte black bottle) and Queens Gardens, the fabulous bright teal.

Nails Inc. Queens Gardens Gel Polish UV Light Style Domination Nail Polish Beauty Review
Foreground: Bamboo White; background: Queens Gardens

Well, on Sunday night, I polished my nails using the Queens Gardens colour.  I was blown away! The formula is thick and opaque, goes on very evenly thanks to that self-levelling technology I mentioned and was very shiny.  I was sold!

Nails Inc. Queens Gardens Gel Polish UV Light Style Domination Nail Polish Beauty Review
Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polish in Queens Gardens

Now, I have to mention that I use Nailtek Nail Strengthener under every polish I use.  This product is fantastic and thanks to it, my nails no longer peel, crack or break.  I do notice though that it causes most nail polishes to not “cure” or dry properly.  I used the Nailtek under the Nails Inc. polish and I found it took forever to dry completely, so I will provide a proper review when I redo my nails this weekend with this same colour.

Overall, I give this nail polish a tentative two thumbs up! I will be heading back to Sephora soon to pick up Covent Garden Place – the most bright, happy, raspberry-coloured polish I’ve ever seen!

Have any of your tried these Nails Inc. Gel Effect polishes?  What are your thoughts? What are your favourite colours?  Let me know if the comments section…because God knows, I need more nail polish.  LOL!


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