Mama Got a Brand New Bag: Louis Vuitton Petit Noé

A few months ago, I treated myself to a new bag.  Mama literally got brand new bag! What a thrill!  After moving into our new house three years ago, my entire salary pretty much went into making our house a cozy home.

This year, the purse strings finally loosened up and I bought myself a bag that I had been dreaming of for years: the Louis Vuitton Monogram Petit Noé (pronounce “no-ay).  I really liked this bag’s shape, as it is very in style right now, yet incredibly classic.  Furthermore, this is one of Louis Vuitton’s (LV) oldest styles and it has an interesting history…and I’m a sucker for history. Continue reading Mama Got a Brand New Bag: Louis Vuitton Petit Noé


Hi all!

Before I decided to buckle down and start saving for my beloved Chanel bag, I splurged on a new bag from Fashionphile!

Check out my big bag reveal…the first designer bag I’ve bought for myself in a while because…mortgages, car payments and life.  LOL!

Let me know what you think! A future blog post is coming up on why I chose this particular bag (had been meaning to buy it for years) and its interesting history!

Thanks for watching!  What bags are you guys salivating over? Let me know in the comments!


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