A Day at Smudge Beauty Bar

A Day at Smudge Beauty Bar

Inspired by our latest photoshoots together, my friend Emilie and I decided to switch it up from outdoor locations and take things inside. Emilie, with her keen eye for fashion and architecture suggested Smudge Beauty Bar, a relatively new spa which opened in Ottawa last year on Dalhousie Street…home to many an up and coming boutique. Continue reading A Day at Smudge Beauty Bar

#TRENDING: My Favourite Fall Nail Colours (Hint – The Darker, The Better)

After a summer of non-stop corals, fuchsias, pale pinks and summery blues, I am ready for my beloved dark nail polishes. Since Chanel debuted their fabulous (and my most favourite) Vamp colour back in 1994, dark, moody nails have become commonplace in any fashionista’s nail polish arsenal. Continue reading #TRENDING: My Favourite Fall Nail Colours (Hint – The Darker, The Better)

10 Things You Should Know About Pedicures

I love myself a good pedicure at a calm, beautiful spa.  There is nothing like slipping your tired, beaten feet into a scented tub of warm water followed by a heavenly foot massage.  Top that off with having someone else paint your toenails so you don’t have to contort yourself into a pretzel to do so yourself…I’m in 7th heaven!

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Sandal Ready!

Not all spas are clean and peaceful havens. Here in Canada, spas and salons are not closely regulated, therefore leaving precautions to be taken by the patrons themselves.  Many of the spas I’ve frequented are very clean and take sterilization seriously, but we all know that not all spas are created equal. Continue reading 10 Things You Should Know About Pedicures

Style Domination’s Spring 2015 Nail Polish Picks

Here is my spring nail colour wishlist.  Enjoy!

Nail Polishes

  1. Dior Porcelaine (purchased last year – discontinued now)
  2. Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe (purchased)
  3. Butter London The Black Knight
  4. Marc Jacobs Daisy
  5. Deborah Lippmann Misty Morning
  6. Tom Ford Indigo Night
  7. RGB Pink
  8. Butter London Lovely Jubbly
  9. Marc Jacobs Lola
  10. ncLA Touch of Class

*Header pic courtesy of @pshiiit_polish (Instagram)

Manis and Pedis at Her Majesty’s Pleasure – Amazing Experience

I love getting my nails done, but I rarely treat myself to manicures. I used to be an esthetician and I’m a stickler for perfect nails. I am usually so disappointed when I receive a sub-par manicure – poor polish application and sad nail colour selection are my major “spa” pet peeves.I am constantly on the lookout for new nail salons and interesting nail services such as topnotch nail art. I love the experience of being pampered in beautiful spas that are bright, airy without feeling rushed or being asphyxiated by the chemicals used for certain services (anything that smells as terrible as acrylics MUST be unhealthy). Continue reading Manis and Pedis at Her Majesty’s Pleasure – Amazing Experience