GGPAA Glam with The Hudson’s Bay

GGPAA Glam with The Hudson's Bay |
My dress – so excited!

In two short days, I’ll be headed to the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards (GGPAA) with the Darling, Incredibly Handsome Husband. This Saturday, June 11th, we’ll be attending the National Arts Centre to attended this premiere event which will feature film portraits by the National Film Board, awesome performances and tributes by guest stars Chantal Kreviachuk and more! Continue reading GGPAA Glam with The Hudson’s Bay

White Out

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the “Meet Your New Jeans With Emily Luciano” event hosted by Topshop Canada and The Hudson’s Bay Company. I hopped at the chance to see Emily Luciano in person, as she is a huge source of fashion inspiration of mine. An Ottawa native, Emily Luciano has grown her Instagram account to a startling 118,000 followers over the course of only one year in addition to a super stylish blog with a readership just as big. Style oozing out of every single one of her pores, I wanted to see this stylish young lady in action. Continue reading White Out