Cool, Unique Brands Worth Checking Out

Cool, Unique Brands Worth Checking Out |

I’ll admit that lately, my shopping adventures have left me feeling a little uninspired. While there are a lot of great trends out there for this spring/summer season, I’m finding a lot of the major brands you’ll find in your local mall are offering options that are really watered down versions of what you’d see in magazines. Also, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect crossbody bag and my visits to the top accessories stores you find everywhere have been pretty boring, generic…and well, EVERYWHERE. So, I hit the internet and grabbed a stack of my favourite magazines and started researching cool and upcoming brands.  Continue reading Cool, Unique Brands Worth Checking Out

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

Over the past few weeks, I have cleared out my closet of pieces I no longer use or no longer fit. While I do this annually, this particular clear-out was an emotionally charged one. I had a few of my designer bags stolen late last year and every time I look at the empty space in my closet where they should be, I’m reminded of that painful experience.  Continue reading How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

Bag Bliss: Alexander McQueen Heroine Tote

So, it’s safe to say that my Chanel Bag saving is dead in the water. Yes – I’m disappointed in myself. Sigh.

I was severely sidetracked when the opportunity presented itself to own this beauty: the Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag. Continue reading Bag Bliss: Alexander McQueen Heroine Tote

Colourpop Cosmetics Haul: Lippie Stix & Eyeshadows

Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

In between mouthfuls of Valentine’s Day chocolate, I took the time to review my little haul Colourpop Cosmetics. Let’s just say I’m super happy with the items I bought.

My video below highlights Game Face and Plaid eyeshadows and Pitch and Bichette Lippie Stix I ordered before Christmas.  Give the video a watch to see the full review.

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20 Great Tips To Achieve Healthy, Shiny Hair

Hair – your crowning glory. A sign of your inner health, a head full of thick, lustrous shiny hair is possibly the most envied human characteristic.

I was lucky to be born with thick, healthy hair. The journey to keeping it healthy though has been a long one. From neglecting to trim it regularly to using terrible, bad quality hair products, I have subjected my poor hair to tests to cruel to unleash on anyone. Continue reading 20 Great Tips To Achieve Healthy, Shiny Hair

My Best 2015 Fashion Finds

2015 was the year for me to take stock of my wardrobe with a coldhearted, take-no-prisoners approach. Whatever didn’t “spark joy” in me, I quickly unhung, folded up and marched straight to Goodwill.

I no longer have any worn out duds, too-big clothing, too-small clothing, stained clothing, broken accessories, stuff that was cool ten years ago, etc., thus paving the way to more stress-free mornings without worrying about wading through a closet of ho-hum clothing.  Continue reading My Best 2015 Fashion Finds

Style Domination’s 2015 Year In Review

Well, 2015 was a banner year for me. After years of waffling, I finally started my Style Domination blog and to my delight, it’s doing really well. What started as a sort of online journal to get my “thoughts down on virtual paper” and to share my day-to-day happenings with my husband who was working in the Philippines at the time, has turned into a bit of an online resource for almost 3,000 followers, averaging thousands of page views a month.  I totally did not expect this and boy…am I grateful. Continue reading Style Domination’s 2015 Year In Review